Monday, December 8, 2008

Calico Barn

On Saturday I worked my 3 hour volunteer shift at the Calico Barn.  Each season that I have stuff there (there are 2 seasons each year) I have to sign up to work one 3 hour shift.  It was kind of fun!  I've already done this several times before and usually am spending the whole time looking at the clock, but Saturday they were busy and it was fun to talk to lots of people.  I also got some new ideas for next year.  It's tricky finding the right things that will sell at this location and it's helpful for me to see the clientele there.  For instance, the aprons are not selling! However, several people were looking for tree toppers and small tree skirts and none of the crafters at the CB make those things.  Someone was looking for napkin rings also.  So, I'm adding some more projects to my to do list for next fall.


Carrie said...

My grandma used to volenter at a similar craft place that would sell the things she made. I used to make yarn wreaths and beaded hankerchief scarfs for her. Good memories.

Future of Hope said...

I found the absolutest cutest and funnest Christmas tree skirt. The tutorial is super easy, and so much fun!
Here is the link:

Also, I posted pictures on my blog of a couple of the Christmas purses that I have made this year. I have gotten seven requests to buy these purses for gifts! They really are a lot of fun to carry around, and they are so super easy!

Maybe those would be some ideas?!?!?