Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas tree skirts

I made a few Christmas tree skirts this year.  First I started with one I already have and folded it in half and laid it onto my folded fabric, lining up the folded side of the skirt with the fold of the fabric.  Cut around the half circle and around the little hole part. Cut through one of the folds and open up the fabric.  You will have a basic skirt.  I doubled the thickness of each of these to add some stability and to make them a nice reversible option.  The rag-quilted flannel one has all exposed seems that fray when they are clipped and tumbled in the dryer a few times.  

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas gifts for $1

I've been making a lot of rag garland over the past few years in an attempt to use what I have.   I decided to try wreaths this Christmas.   They were fun to make and I thought I'd share the idea.

 The kids and I went to Home Depot (one of my fav stores!) and shopped around for a cheap circle shape.  It was fun looking up and down the isles together for the perfect item for our project.  It had to hold it's shape and be thin and be small, but not too small, and be cheap.  It was a treasure hunt.  This is what we came up with.  I'm not sure what it's technical name is, but it is a little over one dollar and was in the heating/ cooling vent area and was also around the plumbing and electrical area also.  So, I'm thinking it's some sort of brackets thing.  How's that description?  My dad's probably laughing at this.  I should know a few things from all of those years working with him.

 Start by gathering material.  I use bits of fabric, old clothes, ribbon, ric rac, sheets and towels.  I like things with interesting texture for projects like this.  This is all free stuff that is accumulating in my craft storage bins.  You seriously will not want to throw anything away if you start doing projects with me.  It's bad!  Anyway, I never buy new stuff for these raggy scrappy looking garlands like this.  Determine what length you'd like the fringe to be and start tying each bit of fabric in place around the form.  Be random and have fun.  These are great to make while watching a Christmas movie.  

Ella was so eager to help me make one for her teacher, but since I'm usually working during nap time she fell asleep halfway through!  I love sleeping pics and just thought I'd add this.

You can see that it takes time, but this is getting fuller.  Just keep adding more until all the spaces are full.

getting fuller...
 no more space
 now, make more!