Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pillowcase dress

These pics uploaded completely backwards, but this way  you can see the finished product first. I've been wanting to try a pillowcase dress for quite awhile.  It's a very easy concept that only takes about 15 minutes to make- literally!  I used an old pillowcase from my grandma's house.  I like how it turned out except that it really looks like a pillowcase to me (duh)!  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I don't think I'll put this on Ella (normally a size 5T - the length of a standard pillowcase).  It would be cuter cut for a smaller girl.  I'll cut a good 10 inches off of the top (the sewn edge of the pillowcase) and make one for Kate next.  I'll post pics of that soon!  There are all kinds of tutorials and videos out there for making these so I won't try to give many details.  The following pictures (starting at the bottom) show the progression of laying out the pillowcase, cutting off the top sewn edge and J-shaped notches in the corners for the arm holes, finishing the armholes by turning the edge under twice and sewing, make a casing across the top and back to run ribbon through and then tying the ribbon together at both ends to form adjustable straps.

If anyone would like to send me a pillowcase,your child's height, and $10 I'll make you one!


Janelle said...

SO cute! I've been wanting to make one also, but I don't really have any cute pillow cases and I've been trying to keep an eye out for cute cases on sale at the stores, but can't seem to find just pillow cases sold alone and if I do, it's not very cute material. Anyway, I will keep looking so someday I'll make one too! I've read several different instructions too and one said they were disappointed in how it turned out like a "pillow case" too. I was thinking maybe you could taper it a little starting at the armholes to make it more of an A-line rather than so square. Just an idea. I'll post pictures once I do find a cute pillow case and actually make one!

Hey, have you ever made crayon rolls? I found a pattern on the net and have made a couple. Aaron was so excited the first time he unrolled it to color! I was going to post pictures of that too, but I'm planning on giving them as gifts to my neices so I'll wait. Just wondering! Hope you're doing well! When exactly is baby due?

Beth said...

Janelle- yes, I've seen those! they look fun- great gift idea! I want to make a few for church coloring. yes, I let my kids draw during the preaching- isn't that AWFUL? :) baby is due Dec 9. My ultrasound is July 16!!! I'll find out soon what we're having- hopefully he/she will cooperate!

Janelle said...

Don't feel bad. Aaron just started joining us in "big church" a couple months ago and ALL the other parents let their kids color or draw so I figured it can't be all that bad! Yes, it was church that he got to use it for the first time and he was SO excited! Sadly though, I think the excitement has worn off. Hopefully it's just a phase!

Excited to hear about "who" your baby is! My birthday is Dec. 12th! Very exciting! At least you'll have the baby before Christmas!

Bike Bubba said...


This is very sweet, especially since it was made from your grandmother's pillow case.

Maybe you should enter it in the American Sewing Guild's contest. Their theme is something like Remake, Recycle, Reuse. See http:/