Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Soft soled baby shoes

Ella's comment to me is that "they are certainly pretty, mommy!" So sweet. That's all the compliment I need.

Soft soled baby shoes

I hope you're not checking for completed pictures of Jonas' room. One of my greatest faults is having too much going on at once and not finishing something I started. I have worked on his bedspread today, but it's just not coming together very quickly. So, I took a break and worked on these instead! I needed something small to start and finish all in one sitting! I've wanted to make these for a long time, but never could get to them. They were so easy and I don't know why I put off this project for so long (no that #3 is almost walking!). I found the pattern here. The instructions were easy to follow (even for an ameteur like me). I thought the casing was confusing so I didn't even use one. Instead I put the elastic right through the top part of the back of the shoe. Don't look very close. I was too lazy to change my thread to a color that would match. These were just test. I hope to make many more. (oh the possibilities!) Kate has been wearing these shoes around the house for hours and they haven't come off. Robeez has noth'n on me!

sorry... I just deleted the picture that was here. I don't know how to add it now. Blogger is really not that easy to use! I'll have to post a pic separately above.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you're taking the time and making a little more effort to share your love with friends and family today. My kids have had fun writing little love notes. I've been a little crafty! I've wanted to make a bib for Kate for awhile. I got a cheneille quilt at a yardsale this summer that was in poor condition. I was inspired to use it for this bib by a small newborn one that some friends got for Kate when she was born (thank you Goetz!). She needs some bibs that fit her better so I think I'll be perfecting this pattern and making a few more.

Testing it.... It works!

Getting ready to sew for Jonas' room

Shelves for Jonas' room

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Art line

My aunt Erin gave me two of these curtain tie back pegs when Jonas was born and I've never used them! (Nic, I'm glad I saved them - tee hee hee!) I'm finally using them!

Jonas and Ella got involved by painting clothes pins.

I strung jute from one to the other and voila- a place to display Jonas' drawings!


Need a quick craft idea to keep the kiddos busy for an hour or more? These are coffee can drums my kids (4 1/2 and almost 3 yrs) made the other day. You know those stacks of loose ad papers that come in an envelope in the mail periodically? They are great for kids to practice cutting on. I don't like cutting pics out of magazines with my kids being this small because I end up having to tear out pages for them to cut (I'm lazy!). With these ads I can put a stack on the table and turn them loose! Whenever those come in the mail I give Jonas and Ella each a glue stick and a huge piece of paper and they love it. Now, obviously the pics on the cans above were cut out by me (were you beginning to think that my kids had great cutting skills?), but they picked out which pictures they wanted. Each of them used a paintbrush and a bowl of decapauge (you can also mix Elmer's glue with water) and went crazy with glue! I hot glued the lids onto the cans. This was a fun project and the plastic lid top works well as a drum, but what was I thinking? Did I really need to purposely create MORE noise around here? LOL!