Monday, January 14, 2008

Magnetic Tray

Have I posted about this already? I can't remember. I'm not going to look it up. I have found an abundance of these vintage metal trays at places like the Buffalo Nickle, Annie's Attic Antiques, and a few yard sales. The one below hangs in my kitchen. I've made several as gifts.

These magnets are made with clear stones used for floral arrangements. You can buy bags of them at Michaels. There are similar ones at Walmart; however, they're round and not as uniquely shaped as these below. Just use any craft glue to adhere them to any picture cut to the same size as the stone. Hot glue a small round magnet (also purchased at good ol' Walmart) to the back of the stone. I've also made magnets out of marbles, buttons, dice, dominos, scrabble game pieces, brooches, and old foreign coins.

This strawberry tray is one of my favorites and is displayed on the high shelf in my kitchen.

Here is a tray waiting to be used! It's actually black. I'm not sure why it looks silver. I have made one on a silver tray before and loved how it turned out.
The board below with ribbon is an old picture I didn't care for. I used spray adhesive and cut a piece of fabric to the size of the board (with spray adhesive on the edges of the fabric there's no need to hem the edges) and stick it on! Then in several places I used hot glue to attach the ribbon to the board. On the places the ribbon crosses each other I glued foreign coins.


partyofsix said...

MARTHA STEWART!!!! you are amazing beth!

hcummings23 said...

i check here and your list on the side almost everyday while I am sitting in the girls room making sure margaret doesn't get out of bed for her nap:)
I love all the nifty things.....great ideas!

Erin Neiner said...

These are GREAT!!! We used to have a magnetic tray up...and I loved it. I need to find it...

But I really love those stone magnets!!! How fabulous!! I am doing that for sure!!!

Also, just happened upon this blog yesterday. It is no longer being "added to" due to the busyness of their lives, but their is tons of great archives. SO many cute crafts to do with the kids & tons of links to other great sites!!!