Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jonas' room- a work in progress...

This is a sampling of the things I'm working on right now for my son's room. I've painted a lot of different frames red (paint left from our living room). I found a large picture book of maps at Barnes and Noble for only $12.00! It's so big that I'll be using it for years. There are some really great maps in it. The colors are just right.

I DON'T want the cutesy scrapbook look, but I think this will be alright in a collage I'm working on.
The frame below is a piece of art from that major country-style era. It had little patchwork hearts in it, but Africa covered it up nicely! I love the frame.

I wanted to hang a larger map in a unique way so I just glued it to one of my stash of $2.00 windows that's in the garage. Yes, a glue stick worked perfectly!

I'll post more as it comes together. With my regular day to day responsibilities that might take quite some time!


Janelle said...

I LOVE the maps and frames!!! That is such a fun theme and you make it look great and something he can grow into - not so "baby" or "kid" looking! That would be fun in one of our rooms one day with all the places my husband has been to in the Marine Corp. I'll have to make a mental note of all your creative ideas!!! =)

Beth said...

Janelle- That would be a great idea for you guys! you'll have to keep a map from each place! The best deocr in my opinion is stuff that has meaning and stories behind it.