Monday, October 18, 2010

Kate's dresser

Kate needed a dresser and I found this one for $5 at a yard sale.  It is in good condition but obviously needed some paint!  Kate was very anxious to help me with this project.
First we took it apart and sanded all the drawers and drawer pulls and the body of the dresser.
Even Isaac "helped' us by overseeing our work.  
The dresser needed 2 coats of paint.  I turned Kate loose with the roller on the backside of the dresser where it really didn't matter.  She loved having the freedom to paint her dresser.
She did a really good job!


mom and dad said...

very nice beth, kate, and issac. i like the curtain also. or is it just a piece of fabric hanging for inspiration?

Beth said...

yep. it's just a piece of fabric hung over the rod that i'm thinking about using. you're good, mom!

prahalad said...
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