Monday, January 12, 2009

who, me?

Thanks to Cathy I have my first ever little doodad to put on the right column of my blog!  Now I'm supposed to tell you about some things I'm addicted to.

*COFFEE* It's sad.  I get major headaches without my best friend and comfort drink.  I kind of loose track in the morning and just keep pouring cup after cup.  It lasts till about noon if I'm at home.  It's probably good for me to get out more often!  The worst thing about having the flu last week was the insane headache I had for 2 days because I couldn't drink coffee!

*YARD SALES*  It takes such incredible will power for me to pass up a yard sale sign!  Some of them actually call out to me.  ha ha ha... I need to drive with blinders on.  My kids are starting to look for signs now.  When Jonas was little he always pointed out houses that had especially junky yard ornaments or lots of stuff around them and scream, "yard sales!" even though they weren't having one.  He never understood why I passed those up.

*FABRIC*  I usually find this at those fabulous yard sales!  The yard sales with old people are the best!  They usually have boxes of fabric or old crocheted or quilted things... that will be me one of these days... boxes of started and unfinished projects that my family will have to sell at yard sales when I'm too old to keep crafting! ha ha ha - what goes around comes around.

*BLOGGING*  obviously... I spend too much time on here...

*MY KIDS*  I just love staring at them and listening to their voices and seeing how they think, draw, imagine, create, learn, dream, sing... one of my favorite things about this house is the hole in the girls door where the door knob has never been put on.  It's the perfect peep hole for me straight to Kate's crib.  I love to watch her singing and talking to herself in her bed before and after sleep.  It's precious.


Pam Warden Art said...

Hi Beth
John would point out something of interest while we were driving...I soon realized that he'd do that on the opposite side of the street of the Yard Sale- caught on to his little scheme :-) But, I still don't know how many sales I missed in that time period.
I'll be having a good one, closing my store doors and going all wholesale. Memorial Day weekend we're going to have a big bash here.
Hugs to the Stamper family,
p.s. when is Amy going to blog???

The Stamper Story said...

Pam- ha ha ha, John is sneaky! sad... the store is closing- exciting too! Amy has a blog, but never updates it! The link is on the right side of my "The Stamper Story" blog under Mark and Amy.