Monday, August 25, 2008

Calico Barn- fall '08

Today was the deadline for the Calico Barn.  I've been working hard.  Let's hope it pays off! Thanks to Sara, Elisa, and Amy I'm ready to go.  Everything is priced and tagged and looking good!  It's exciting to see the final product.  There's a lot more stuff to come also.  I think I deserve a to take a few days off though. :)


Future of Hope said...


Seriously. Amazing.

What a huge accomplishment! :-)

So, I introduced this site to my sister-in-law, who promptly put in orders for Ella's twirly skirts for her three girls for Christmas!

Oh, and when I finally figure out my camera (again), I HAVE to post pictures of some purses/bags I have been playing around with.

You are my inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!

sc3b said...

Good job!! I am working like crazy for the Warren's Cranfest. (Google that). It's coming up soon, should be lots of fun! :) I have some new stuff I'm making.

The Stamper Story said...

erin- orders, huh? I might be up for that.... first things first.

cathy- i can't wait to see this "new stuff". you know i just copy your ideas anyway!!!

sc3b said...

I have found that valance curtains (from Goodwill or garage sales) are the perfect length to transform into aprons. I found a great one that matches my tablecoverings for my craft shows. It was the perfect size to cut in half - I used one half for the back and used the other to put a large pocket in front going nearly all the way across and then sewed up the middle making two pockets. (I hope that makes sense). But it was fun and easy because lots of the sewing was already done. I used wide grosgrain ribbon for the apron strings.