Sunday, June 1, 2008


I've been waiting to post about this dress so that I could get better pictures, but that might take tooo long! I've been neglecting this blog! This was the skirt that I turned into a sundress for Ella. First, I cut the waistband off of the skirt. Second, I opened up on side seam and cut about 4 inches out of the skirt so that it wouldn't be as full. Third, I sewed a piece of elastic around the top of the skirt and another piece the same length about 6 down. This became the empire waist of the dress. The fourth step was to add pink grosgrain ribbon for straps at the top (not pictured) and around the waist to tie in the back. I also added a section of crocheted lace at the front of the waistband.


Future of Hope said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Have you seen some good ideas for quiet books? We do not have a children's program during or AM or PM services, and Andrew will have to begin sitting with us starting in late summer. I am already working with him at home, but I think I will need some quiet things to keep him occupied during the services. Any ideas on quiet books would be greatly appreciated!

Janelle said...

How adorable! You really have an eye for things and make them happen so well! Love her hair too by the way! She's looking so grown up!

The Stamper Story said...

Erin- I've NEVER heard of "quiet books". I'm amazed. I've googled it and now I have more projects to make! I need to stop gathering new idea. I guess I'm no help. hope you find something. I'm very lucky that JOnas loves to draw and would do it for hours. We made a little church bag together and that has worked well for us.