Thursday, March 13, 2008

Church bag

Jonas needed a little bag to take his "stuff" to church in so we made one. We used this fusible webbing to create an iron on applique. It was really easy! The possibilities are endless. I'll be using this stuff a lot more.

Jonas chose an airplane from the fabric I used in his bedroom.

You stick the "steam-a-seam" onto the fabric, cut out the shape you want, peel the paper backing off of the webbing and then iron it on. I cut up an old jean skirt to create the little bag.

Here it is all packed and ready to go. This whole project only took about one hour.

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Meg Anne Tuttle said...

Looks good. I think wonder-under is similar. I used that when I made all those flower pins. It would fuse to both sides of the flower & then fuse to the fabric I covered the flower in.