Sunday, February 4, 2007

Throw quilts

Above: Fall 2006 throw quilt
Below: Neck scarf
Fall 2005 throw quilt


Daniel and Selena Mulder said...

Hey Beth-You've inspired me! Do you do 3 layers on each square? Would you do this if you used fleece? You can email me if it'd be easier since I have a gazillion questions! :)

Beth and Jason said...

Selena, I've done it both ways- 1. top layer squares then one huge layer of quilt batting and one huge bottompiece and 2. 3 layers each square. The second way is actually faster, nicer, the right way, and the fringes look fuller and better! You can make this type of quilt with fleece by tying around each squre. Flannel is the only fabric that frays nicely. Fleece obviously won't do that. I hope I answered clearly!

Erin Neiner said...

Beth: I am so impressed! You just whip these suckers out, huh!! Kind of like babies... :) They are great! I actually made one of these like 4 years ago for Jamie (Winter) Potts' 1st baby. Then attempted to make one for when I was pregnant with Drew, but, um, the pieces are all stacked together in a box somewhere. Never finished sad, I know. So, I kind of had a hard time with keeping the whole design in mind when dealing with 100 squares. Do you draw out a "chart?" Just wondering...maybe I'll dig out that box! GREAT JOB!!!

6packB said...

Beth, i love that you made a scarf with the same idea. Looks really great. Nic said the little memory books you are making are really cute also. Wish i was there to get inspired by you!

Beth and Jason said...

Erin- Honestly, I really don't even know what you mean by a chart. They are all random for me. I just cut all the squares and then stitch the "x" on top of them and then lay them all out on the ground, gather them up by rows, and start putting the rows together! After that my good friend, Nicki, who is exceptional with scissors :) helps me clip it all and then in the wash it goes to get all "raggy".

Anna- our camera is broken right now- maybe beyond repair... Hopefully we'll get a new one with tax return money! These pics are all old. I hope I can get some pics of new things posted, but I kind of doubt it right now. I do like the picture puzzlers. They are 4x4 squares that open accordian style with spots to put up to 30 pictures. Each one is different with different themes (road trip, baby boy, baby girl, friends, family, memories, etc...) Well, enough rambling.